Using Naloxone to Reverse Overdose

A Train the Trainer Trainer Class with an opportunity to purchase Naloxone for your projects

Oregon is experiencing an opioid overdose epidemic. No one can predict where or when an opioid overdose will take place. An overdose could occur anytime and anywhere, including a construction project. In fact, construction work overdoses occur at a higher rate than that of the general population.

SafeBuild Alliance has partnered with Multnomah County Health Department to provide an overdose prevention program including the use of Naloxone to attempt to reverse the increasing trend. The main objective of this training is to train the trainers in order to provide your workers with the knowledge, skills and tools to help them prevent overdose and respond effectively in an overdose situation.

Naloxone, also know as Narcan, can be used to reverse opioid overdose. It can be administered under the Good Samaritan law in Oregon and Washington.

Through our partnership with Multnomah County Naloxone will be available for purchase by companies and organizations who have completed this training for $77.25 per two pack. This represents a 50% discount.

The Train the Trainer class will be held

September 24, 2019

7:00am - 8:00am

Skanska Office - 222 SW Columbia St # 300, Portland, OR 97201

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to attend the class and pre order your company's supply of Naloxone.

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