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PAC Program


The purpose of the SafeBuild Alliance PAC Program is to increase efficiencies and effectively promote construction safety. The Program has three important goals:

Prequalification – To standardize and simplify the submission process for review of safety related data and information for selection of contractors for bidding or awarding of work.

Assessment – To provide participating owners and general contractors with a tool and process to simplify the safety prequalification process while allowing companies the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses of their programs.

Contractor Certification – To provide an objective process for the SafeBuild Alliance to certify individual contractors as having met high performance standards. This certification is meant to substantiate and provide confidence that the holder of the certificate has objectively demonstrated a strong commitment to safety and health. It is expected that the criteria for meeting certification requirements will expand over time as additional predicators of performance are identified.

The evaluation process uses a web based database containing important safety information in an easily accessible format.

SafeBuild Alliance Certification results when a Contractor becomes a SafeBuild Alliance member and scores 85 or above on the ConstructSecure Contractor Safety Assessment Program (CSAP). The SafeBuild Alliance certification requires a minimum CSAP score of 85 or more to demonstrate a well established and effective safety program. Owners and General Contractors ultimately decide how to use specific information in their prequalification criteria and may choose to hire a Contractor with a lower score.

OWNERS & GENERAL CONTRACTORS: Click here to learn more about how owners and general contractors use the SafeBuild Alliance PAC Program PAC Program. (You must login to your SafeBuild Alliance account to view this page - click here to become a member)

SUBCONTRACTORS: Click here to learn more about how to use the SafeBuild Alliance PAC Program PAC Program. (You must login to your SafeBuild Alliance account to view this page - click here to become a member)

PAC enrollment

Enrollment in the SafeBuild Alliance Prequalification/Assessment/Certification (PAC) Program is straightforward:
1. Become a SafeBuild Alliance Member (click here to join)
2. Register through SafeBuild Alliance with ConstructSecure (members click here to register with ConstructSecure)

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